EVA interlayer film for smart glass laminating with low processing temperature

PDLC film is a heat- sensitive material and can get damaged when being exposed to high lamination temperature .  Under it, the lamination success rate will get decreased and problem like bubble , de – lamination will happen .  In this way , it is crucial to have a kind of eva film with lower processing temperature to work with it .

This type of film could be a great solution to solve this problem .  Its processing temperature is 110 ℃ , while that of traditional eva film is 130 ℃ .   It is the best choice for swithchable glass lamination .


Features of eva film for glass lamination

  • Low processing temperatre
  • Processing at 110 ℃ , that is 20 ℃ lower than that of  traditional eva film
  • Great compatibility with PDLC film 
  • Its adhesion with PDLC film is neither too strong nor too weak .  If it is too strong , PDLC film will get a strong  tensile force from eva film  , which is of a devastaing effect.  If it is too weak, de – lamination problem will appear.
  • Perform high definition for smart glass
  • Transparency with 92% , Haze 0.2%

Technical data

Thickness(mm) 0.38 0.76
width(m) 2m – 2.5m 2m – 2.5m
Length (m) 100 50
Tensile strength >10 MPA >10 MPA
hardness 75HA 75HA
Adhesion with glass 100 N /CM 100 N /CM
Elongation 500% 500%
Water absorption < 0.1% < 0.1%
Transmittance 92% 92%
Haze <0.2% <0.2%
UV filter >99% >99%

Application of eva film for glass lamination


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