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Translucent white EVA film


The color it gives out like frosted glass . Application of it could be like outdoor guardrail or indoor decoration .


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Someone call white translucent eva also frosted white eva film or milky white eva film .  Its appearance looks like frosted glass , but is better than frosted glass in the concern of safety . It is widely used in places, like showroom wall , balustrade glass and other decoration glass .

Different from color EVA film from other suppliers , it could be used for outdoor projects with color changing problem , as it is thermoset material .


Thickness(mm) 0.38 0.76
width(m) 2/2.1/ 2.2/ 2.3 / 2.4 2/2.1/ 2.2/ 2.3 / 2.4
Length (m) 50 50

3.Performance data

Gel content >85%
Transmittance 36.3%
UV filtering rate 98.6%
Adhesion with glass 95 N /cm
shadow blocking rate 98%
Elongation 500%
Water absorption < 0.1%

4.Weather resistance test

Test Test Conditions Test Results
Boiling test 2 hour in 100 ℃ water No water penetration , no bubble ,no de- lamination and no haze appearance
Heat and humidity testⅠ Temperature 60℃, humidity 97%, 400 hours No water penetration , no bubble ,no de - lamination and no haze appearance
Heat and humidity test Ⅱ Temperature 85℃, humidity 85%, 1000 hours Haze appeared at 3.5 cm from the edge with no bubbles and de- lamination


Packing PE plastic roll core + tinfoil vacuum bag+ leatheroid + water proof kraft paper
label There are product labels on both ends of each roll to indicate the production date, specifications and other information
Others If there are special packaging requirements, the packaging can be negotiated in advance

6.Processing method

First section :     60℃   20min

Second section :  120℃   45min