Smart film PDLC film for switchable glass lamination

PDLC film is the short name of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal . With the working of electricity , liquid crystal on PDLC film will change between two differnt state .  With electricity on, liquid crystal is arranged orderly under the work of electrice field . So , light can pass through and PDLC film will perform clear state .  With electricity off and liquid crystal in disorderly arrangement, PDLC film will show white opaque state .


Technical data


Optical performance 

Item Details ON/OFF Extra Clear PDLC film Super Clear PDLC film
Visible Light Transmittance ON 82% 88%
OFF 65% 75%
Parallel Light Transmittance ON 78% 80%
OFF <5% <5%
IR Blocking ON 17.50% 13.60%
OFF 83.70% 82.00%
UV Blocking ON 45% 54%
OFF 99% 95.80%
Haze ON 3.6% 2%
OFF 92% 85%
View Angle ON 150∠ 160∠


Electrical performance

Extra Clear PDLC film Super Clear PDLC film
Working Voltage ON AC36V-AC60V AC36V-AC60V
Saturation voltage ON AC60V AC60V
Response Time ON-OFF 45ms 45ms
OFF-ON 10ms 10ms
Power Consumption ON 6W/ 6W/




Extra Clear PDLC film Super Clear PDLC film
Dimension Thickness 0.38mm 0.38mm
Max.Width 2000mm 1800mm
Size in roll 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2m×50m 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m×50m



Product Details of smart glass film



switchable glass smart glass used in showroom of hotel



Production shop 

PDLC film production equipment