What is EVA interlayer?

EVA interlyer  film is made of a resin called ethylene vinyl acetate, mixed with special chemical additives, and then calendered by special equipment. It has strong adhesion and compatibility with glass, so EVA film is known as an excellent interlayer for laminated glass and is widely used in architectural glass lamination and photovoltaic glass lamination.


The use of EVA film is to glue two or more pieces of glass together to form a sandwich structure, which we call EVA laminated glass. If laminated glass get broken by external impact, the glass fragments will not be scattered all over the ground like ordinary glass, but will be firmly stuck to the EVA interlayer.  It will eliminate the risk of slipping and hurting people.  This  is the most basic and  important function of EVA film .

In addition to the basic functions, EVA film was  developed with more functions, such as UV blocking. It can block more than 99% of the UV rays from the sunlight and is like a sunscreen to people and furniture .



EVA film is  sold in rolls. The common thicknesses is 0.38MM , 0.76MM , 1.52MM and so on. We can customized the thickness .  Before heating, the surface is not sticky.


Features of EVA film

Good humidity resistance :

EVA film has excellent moisture resistance. water absorption rate is 0.1%, while another kind of  glass interlayer PVB is 5 times bigger than its water absorption rate. So EVA laminated glass has a wide range of applications . It could be used along the seaside even with glass edge open .

UV blocking :

A qualified EVA film can filter out more than 99% of UV rays.


EVA film will form a  stable three-dimensional structure between molecules after lamination , which ensures that EVA laminated glass can be used in a wide range of temperatures and without the risk of delamination or yellow changing .






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