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EVA film

EVA laminated glass could be used in many different places, like balustrade, stairs, canopy, decoration wall and so on.

To meet the requirement of each specified project, we developed rigid eva film, extra clear eva film, color eva film and smart glass use eva film.

All our eva film are thermoset and will form into a three dimensional inner structure after lamination.

This structure is so stable that the laminated glass could be used in place even with great humidity or high temperature without risk of delamination, white fog appearing or yellow truning. It is already get certificated by SGCC and CE.

Smart film

Smart film is also called PDLC film, smart glass film or dimming film. With the help of electricity , it can change between opaque state (electricity off) and clear state (electricity on ).

Compared with ordinary glass, it can help people to protect privacy just with a clik on the switch. So, smart glass become a preference of luxury house, hotel, office and so on.

We are now supplying self adhesive PDLC film and non- adhesive PDLC film. Self adhesive PDLC film can directy adhere to the exist glass with easy processing.

Another type we offer is non adhesive. It need to work with eva film to form into laminated glass together.

ultra clear eva film, extra clear eva film, color eva film, smart film manufacturer and supplier - Gaoren company

Shenzhen Gaoren company, once known as OSTER FILM as brand name, is one of the top chemical adhesive manufacturers in China. We have three different branches for three different chemical adhesive. They are EVA film, SCA (solid optical adhesive ) and OCA ( Optically clear adhesive ) .

We are awarded as high- tech enterprise by Shenzhen Government in 2018. We covers an area of 12000 square meters with all advanced production equipment and full set of lab equipment.

Our team belongs to EVA film branch. The main advantage of our eva film is its superior performance and the development of new function. For example, our transparecny can get 92%, UV blocking at 99% and IR blocking at 80%. Due to the incomparable tranparency, our eva film covered 60% of smart glass lamination market.

We get certificate SGCC , CE , SGS , ISO .....

We're certified by ISO, SGS, SGCC, IKATES

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Quality Stability

Quality Stability

All our production process are carried out under ISO 9001-2015 instruction. We have IQC , IPQC, FQC and OQC . These steps can make sure the eva film you received each time are of the same quality . What's more , our EVA raw material are improted from big chemical factory , like Dupont , LG and Samsung.

Strong R& D team

Strong R& D team

We have a great R&D team, which enable us to develop special eva film to meet the unique project requirment from customers . For example, we specially developed a kind of eva film with processing temperature of 110 C for PDLC film lamination . ( To avoid PDLC film shrinking when being exposed to high temperature like 130 C ) Besides, we also developed heat blocking eva film under customer requirment.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Performance of our eva film are superior among the eva film market. Our extra clear eva film with great transparency 91.5% , UV blocking 99% and Gel content 90 %. Differ from color eva film from other supplier , our color eva film could be used both indoor and outdoor.

Fexible service

Fexible service

Besides eva film and smart film, we are also open to all kind of lamination material. If there is any requirment like fabric, vacuum bag or green tape, we are happy to help you buy in China. And work like we are your agent.

Many customers give us good feedback


I am working with their extra clear eva film. Good transparency and beautiful edge. My customer places the laminated glass as guardraill along the swiming pool. 3 years passed, no yellow turning, no white fog. That great.

Ahmad / glass processor / UAE

I already got the SGCC certificate with their eva film. Thank god!!! If not success, a lot money, energy will lost. My country needs this certificate.

Robert / glass processor / USA

I have tried many eva film from US and also China. Their eva film is with the best performance and also stability. And their service is super . I would like to start up the smart film businees with them soon.

Tony / distribuotr / Europe

I choose their eva film to work with my smart film for smart glass. I process it with 110 degree centigrades and the transparency is super. I like this temperature. It let my processing easier.

Gerge / smart glass processor / Brazil

You may ask us anything about eva film

We are manufacture with 10 - year experience in producing eva film. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Our main product is eva film and smart film. If you need any other spare parts for lamination, we can hep you to buy in China with great quality and price.

Both our extra clear eva film and color eva film are thermoset material.

These are two kinds of structure. Thermoset means that it will forms into a stable inner structure after lamination. It is so stable that it has the ability to overcome outdoor high temperature and humidity and so on;

While, it is hard for thermoplastic eva film to be used for outdoor. As it is may get melt agin when the finished lamination glass exposed to high temperature outside.

Yes, sure. We have color eva film like, jade white eva film, translucent white eva film, super white eva film and black opaque eva film. All these film could be used for both indoor and outdoor.

The frequently - used packing is by roll. It is tinfoil vacuum bag + leatheroid + waterproof kraft paper.

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