Polyester High Temperature PET Masking Tape

Polyester High Temperature PET Masking Tape , aslo called heat resistant tape , is suitable for high temperature coating and spray paint protection in household appliances, glass, machinery, electronics and other industries , Fixed in high temperature environment without leaving residual glue.

This kind of high temperature tape is also widely used during eva film glass lamination process.

Features of heat resistant tape

High temperature tolerance , up to 200℃

No residue after tearing off

No shrinking due to its high temperature resistance

Wide size available

Technical data

Colour Translucent green Elongation at  break ≥18%
Glue type Silicone adhesive Bonding  surface 


Clean and dry

Initial viscosity 

 (steel ball number)


(GB/T4852-  2002)

Best labeling  condition

21-38C/RH 40-


180。Peel strength ≥500g/25mm  

(GB/T2792- 1998)

Tensile force at  break >50N
Static retention 800g/6.4cm  1440min  

(GB/T4851- 1998)

Total thickness  (um) 60±2

Product Details of heat resistant tape


Tape thickness






5o,  60, 80 20/25/30/35/40/45/50

33 , 66