Self – adhesive smart film PDLC film used for switchable glass

With adhesive on the back side , self adhesive smart film could be easily pasted on  every existing glass like putting on a poster.

The installation is so easy that even a freshman can complete the installation work with the help of our guide book .

Therefore, smart film could be applied in a wide range of places,

for example :

Meeting room









Features of pdlc film





You see , how magic it is to have a smart film in your places !

The elegant and fashionable smart film will be a great alternative to traditional curtain.









smart glass






Great privacy protection when it is needed

With a click on the switch, it will instanty change between Opaque and Clear state.











There are many reasons to have a smart film  :

  • could be applied on already existing glass
  • Easy installation
  • Privay protection
  • UV & IR blocking
  • Sound control

Technical data

Extra clear smart film  Super Clear smart film 
Visible Light Transmittance ON 82% 88%
OFF 65% 75%
Parallel Light Transmittance ON 78% 80%
OFF <5% <5%
IR Blocking ON 17.50% 13.60%
OFF 83.70% 82.00%
UV Blocking ON 45% 54%
OFF 99% 95.80%
Haze ON 3.6% 2%
OFF 92% 85%
View Angle ON 150∠ 160∠


Electrical performance 

Extra Clear smart film  Super Clear smart film 
Working Voltage ON AC36V-AC60V AC36V-AC60V
Saturation voltage ON AC60V AC60V
Response Time ON-OFF 45ms 45ms
OFF-ON 10ms 10ms
Power Consumption ON 6W/ 6W/



Product Details of pdlc film

R&D for smart film




Smart film Research & Development              






PDLC film production equipment     




Smart film production 







cutting smart film from roll into sheet





Cutting table to cut smart film from roll into sheet 








make electrode for smart film





     Make electrode for smart film 











smart film packing






                                                            Smart film packing 











Please kindly send us an request if you would like to get a quote .  

It costs less than that you think to have a smart film in your place !